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A new service dedicated to bringing an objective & pragmatic voice to the retail industry. Designed as a return to a high touch, high flexibility content service; EKN uses market research to design a portal that offers many new exciting ways to learn, network, and interact in ways not currently available in the market.

A New Voice: Yours

EKN provides retailers the one missing element from today’s research and analysis models – their voice. All of EKN’s reports are “Practitioner- Driven, Community-Reviewed”, so the insights are delivered with the pragmatic retailer in mind.

In-Person. Online.

The value you get from meeting your peers in-person and online is both invaluable and irreplaceable. EKN’s Peer Forum provides an opportunity to meet with your peers in-person, while the EKN portal gives you an online destination to continually sustain and grow them. All around themes driven by the members.

Discover. Share. Evaluate. 

VIa the members-only EKN portal, retailers have access to rich content and the ability to contextually connect with each other.  EKN’s proprietary VenDex™ Vendor Index provides members the only 100% objective peer-driven tool for evaluating technology providers in a secure environment.

What is EKN?

  • Peer-Forum: An exclusive retailer-to-retailer connection and collaboration service, enabled online via the EKN Portal and in-person through Peer Forum meetings
  • Research: A new approach to research that offers more prescriptive recommendations for immediate use

EKN Portal Features at a Glance

  • Retailers only: Secure access, total privacy control
  • Connect with peers: Private messaging, notifications, discussion forums
  • Vendor landscapes and peer driven vendor reviews

2014 Vendor Prospectus

EKN’s vendor prospectus for 2014 includes our research methodology, report calendar and sponsorship opportunities.

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